Pavement Preservation

We offer superior quality pavement sealers that are specified by government agencies and preferred by many business and home owners.  For small jobs, we sell pavement sealer in 5-gallon buckets and have preferred contractors that apply our products.  We also carry highway and parking lot grade crack sealants and manufacture a durable cold mix asphalt.

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Asphalt Pavement Sealers

We offer the finest, rejuvenating pavement sealers specifically designed to restore, seal, and protect the pavement from damaging environment, extending its life.


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Product Information

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Cold-Mix Asphalt

We manufacture a uniquely stable and lasting Cold-Mix Asphalt most commonly used for road repairs from minor potholes to more intense pavement failure.

Our Cold-Mix Asphalt can be purchased in bulk by the ton and is offered in 2,000 lb. super sacks available for convenient pick-up from our Anchorage or North Pole offices. Please contact us for specific delivery needs outside of these locations.

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Crack Sealant

We offer superior crack sealants fit for any project. We offer a highway-grade, Type IV crack sealant that meets qualified ASTM D6690 and State of Alaska DOT standards.
For driveways and paved lots, we offer a crack sealant compatible with direct fire equipment. Crack sealant is sold in boxes, please contact us for pricing based on specific needs.


RP TYPE 4 ELT– Roadway sealant, Oil jacketed.

Meets all requirements of: ASTM D6690 Type IV, AASHTO M324 Type IV, and ASTM D3405 Modified.

It is the perfect joint and crack sealant for large-scale projects experiencing maximum joint movement in the coldest of temperatures.


RP DF Prostretch A & RP DF Prostretch B – Direct fire compatible paved lot & driveway sealant.
This product meets the requirements for local municipal codes and is made to withstand extreme, high-temperature conditions. Prostretch A&B are excellent for use in applications susceptible to tracking and picking up, such as pedestrian foot traffic and vehicles operating in high-temperature conditions.

RP DF Prostretch A

RP DF Prostretch B